Company Introduction


LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in May 2016, LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment and solution provider established by several top experts in the photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment industry at home and abroad. LAPLACE has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a national-level Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovative “Little Giant”, has won honors such as China Patent Excellence Award and Shenzhen Unicorn Enterprise, and has also been recognized as the Pan Semiconductor High-end Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province.

Core products of LAPLACE are mainly high-performance thermal processes (boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation and annealing equipment, etc.), coating (LPCVD, PECVD equipment, etc.), and supporting automation equipment, with application concentrated in the field of research & development and manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and semiconductor discrete devices. LAPLACE has over 3300 employees currently, with R&D and technical support personnel accounting for over 40%. As of December 31, 2023, the company has applied for 857 patents (including 191 invention patents) and has 513 authorized patents (including 54 invention patents).

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