2023 Promotion Conference for Wuxi Xishan Integrated Circuit Equipment Industrial Park in Xiamen (reprinted)

       Connect with Wuxi, Meet in Xiamen. On September 22, the 2023 Promotion Conference for Wuxi Xishan Integrated Circuit Equipment Industrial Park was held in Xiamen. Guests from the integrated circuit industry association, universities, leading enterprises, and financial capitals gathered in Xiamen to jointly open a new chapter for the cooperation between Wuxi and Xiamen’s science and technology innovation industries.
       “Integrated circuits” is considered as a strategic, fundamental, and pioneering industry that supports economic and social development. As one of the main birthplaces of integrated circuit industry in China, Wuxi has formed a complete supply chain industrial cluster, the scale of which ranking second in China. Integrated circuits industry is also highly valued in Xiamen. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Xiamen became a key city in the national integrated circuit planning and layout. The purpose of this promotion conference is to leverage Xiamen’s advantageous resource environment, deepen cooperation between the two sides, accelerate the construction of supporting facilities in the park, gather major projects, strengthen the industrial chain, and jointly explore the “core” development direction of integrated circuit equipment industry.
(Speech by Yu Yuan, Head of Xibei County People’s Government, Xishan District)
(Interpretation of Wuxi Integrated Circuit Version 3.0 Policy)
(Interpretation of Wuxi Integrated Circuit Version 3.0 Policy)
       At the event, the Department of Microelectronics and Integrated Circuits and the Department of Electronic Engineering at Xiamen University respectively signed a contract with GMC Semiconductor Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and LAPLACE (Wuxi) Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. regarding the IUR (industry-university-research) cooperation project; Shengyuan Lanxin and Shicheng Capital signed a cooperation agreement with Xibei County, Xishan District, Wuxi City.
(Signing of IUR Cooperation Project)

       In the next stage, Xibei County will continue to focus on the goal of “accelerating the construction of a high-quality development benchmark area” in Xishan, actively take over and integrate advantageous resources, assist in the organic combination of carrier construction, project attraction, and industrial services, promote the transformation and application of relevant scientific and technological achievements, and empower the construction of a high-level integrated circuit innovation highland in order to create an integrated circuit equipment industry cluster with “Xibei characteristics”.

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